Elderly Licensed Firearm Holder Who Shot Two In Liguanea, Jamaica, Was In The Right?

A Jamaica Gleaner article on December 9, 2021, told the story of an elderly licensed firearm holder confronting a taxi driver for bad driving, and ultimately discharging his weapon, hitting the cabbie, and an innocent.

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Having screened the story, we arrived at the conclusion that the licensed firearm holder was in the wrong. We decided to conduct a poll on our Instagram stories, to see what our followers have to say. See image below for conducted poll.












A majority (67%) are in disagreement with our view, of the licensed firearm holder being in the wrong. Now we’re aware that an active investigation is still underway. So our conclusion is arrived solely from this Gleaner article. Critiquing the facts presented within the story, and assessing along the lines of:

Our views remain unchanged.


Here are the ‘critical areas of error’ on the part of the licensed firearm holder

  1. Confronting the taxi driver.
  2. Discharging his firearm, hitting not only the taxi driver (intended target), but an innocent (another) also.


This licensed firearm holder allowed himself to get drawn into using lethal force, when he could’ve avoided it. His vehicle wasn’t hit, so he did not have to confront the taximan. He was not being prevented from exiting due to the taximan blocking his path; so he did not have to confront the taximan. By confronting the taximan, he subjected himself to the high probability of a fight ensuing, and an equally high probability that he’d have to employ his firearm into the fight, given his age, him having the firearm on his person, and his potential disadvantage of winning a hand-to-hand combat with the cabbie.


In a nut-shell: This Licensed Firearm Holder Was Negligent.

Add to this the reality of an innocent being hit, further supports our justification in the paragraph above. As a firearm holder, you are responsible for every round that leaves the chamber. Equally, as a firearm holder you’re taught to only discharge your weapon when you have a clear sight picture/view of the intended target, and what’s behind it. Liguanea, Jamaica is situated within a business district. This incident took place around 10am-1pm (high traffic time with vehicles & pedestrians alike within the commercial area). The probability of an innocent being hit in a gunfight at this time period, is high. Prior to confronting the taximan, this licensed firearm holders’ life was not in danger; he subjected his life to danger, the moment he confronted the taximan.


This firearm holder could’ve avoided the confrontation, the ultimate injury of 2 people, and the potential revocation of his firearm license–his vehicle wasn’t hit (to say the least).


Remember, the best self-defense is avoidance first. 


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Oshane Bryant: BSc Geology, Geography Minor; ACE CPT since 2012; Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Accelerator Graduate-2018 cohort; Licensed KUKIBO Martial Arts & Self Defense, Senior Instructor; OB Fitness Founder & Managing Director.


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