5 Hacks to Eating Guilt-Free this Christmas

Christmas is the season for family, fun and you guessed it…food. For many, it’s the time to relax and enjoy everything, especially the food and drinks that are associated with the season, like sorrel drink and fruit cake. Sadly, a drawback of this enjoyment is the extra weight that is visible as soon as we enter the new year. For most of us, we simply don’t truly enjoy these Christmas treats without the worrisome burden of getting fat.

For females, the greatest concern is that extra fat especially around the mid-section. It’s a constant struggle which can be so frustrating and cause extreme stress. Often thoughts such as “I really want to have this one slice of cake, but my belly….

Why can’t we have our Christmas cake ….and eat it too?

In other words, why can’t we enjoy our Christmas ‘faves’ without the guilty feeling of getting fat?  You can eat guiltfree this Christmas. In my e-book I share how to eat guiltfree and lose inches this Christmas.

Here are 5 hacks on how to do it from my FREE e- book Dietary E-Book

  1. Dont overeat- I know this season is the time for indulgence, and this is perfectly ok. Overindulging however is what leads to all that extra food being stored as unwanted fat. Especially if you are not a very active person. Most Christmas foods are high in sugar and starch content. Additionally, unused quantities of these are stored as fat, especially in the stomach. Therefore, it is important to watch our portions and not overdo it. Additional tips on managing portions based on age can be found for FREE in my e-book Dietary E-Book .
  2. Drink water- water helps our bodies to efficiently use fat. If water is not a part of how you eat, you should add it. Ensure that you have at least 6 glasses per day, right after those 3 glasses of sorrel.
  3. Do some physical activity– Yes, I know nobody wants to go to the gym during Christmas time, exercising is hard work that we don’t want to be doing. No problem… let your chores work for you. In chapter 2 of my workout e-book Workout E-Book I share some additional tips on how to use daily house chores as exercise. Rake the yard or mop the floor. You feel productive as you complete your chores while you burn some extra calories.
  4. Add some greens to your plate- green vegetables are great for our digestive system. They help to quicken digestion and move the food along quickly through our stomach so that excess isn’t stored as you guessed it…fat. So have that serving of mac n cheese with a side of garden salad or some cucumber slices.
  5. Time your meals- Have heavy meals in the morning and mid-afternoon, especially those left-overs from Christmas or Boxing Day dinners and barbeques. Your body will better use these foods for energy throughout the day, rather than late evenings or nights. So have that potato salad, mac and cheese, rice and peas for late breakfast or early lunch. Instead, have your ham with some veggies for dinner.

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Bryant, Oshane. (2017) Christmas Burn-off. The Exercize and Physical Activity Guide to losing inches. “Jamaican Edition”

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