Partner Sled Pull Exercise-Firefight. Safety.

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Firefights. Disasters. Danger Zones.

The chance of you being caught within these zones in need of assistance and/or being needed to render assistance  to your fellow man, family, or stranger in any given society is high. Having the necessary strength (beyond your body weight), cardiorespiratory capacity, endurance & agility are critical fitness components to have in these circumstances. Now more than ever, the onus is on you (whether you’re actively in law enforcement & military; retired law enforcement & military; or regular private citizen) to be fit & ready.

Partner Sled Pull Exercise-An Exercise & Functional Movement Applicable In Life & Death Situations

The partner sled exercise work the posterior chain predominantly (back extensors, hamstrings, calves, glutes); as well as the arms & cardio respiratory system. Considering the strength & cardio demands of this exercise, building a strong foundation of strength whereby you can deadlift 1.5x your bodyweight, and sprint for 200metres is a good benchmark for you to know if you are strong enough, and have the required cardiorespiratory capacity to execute this movement in a life or death situation.

Tips For You & Your Family

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Once you’ve built the baseline fitness, and briefed in the paragraph above, execute this exercise with your spouse/partner & encourage him/her to do the same with you. As an exercise, lift & pull for a target of 25metres. do 3 sets each. For your kids above 13, train them similarly so they may be capable of executing this kind of help with their friends at school; and with their family also (private & public).

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Oshane Bryant: BSc Geology, Geography Minor; ACE CPT since 2012; Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Accelerator Graduate-2018 cohort; Licensed KUKIBO Martial Arts & Self Defense, Senior Instructor; OB Fitness Founder & Managing Director.

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