5 Ways to Fight Fat this Christmas

You have done well this past year keeping off that extra weight, but Christmas is around the corner. Its that time when you visit family and friends and they almost always have some type of Christmas treat to offer, Christmas cake, sorrel, eggnog. chocolate, you name it. Let’s be real, to refuse any of these delicious treats would be bad manners and not in keeping with the spirit of the season. Similarly on Christmas day and Boxing Day, it is a travesty to refuse mom’s baked macaroni and cheese pie with a few slices of glazed ham. 

How do you enjoy Christmas, eat the foods you love without packing on those added pounds?

It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds. In my FREE e-book Workout E-Book I share tips on how to  fight fat and include exercize/movement during this Christmas season.

  1. Here a 5 tips from the programme:

    Use your house chores as physical activities– physical activity helps burn extra fat. While we may not all want to go to the gym during this season, we can utilize our household chores to help us keep active. These chores may include mowing the lawn or even walking the dog. I provide more details in chapter 2 of my e-book Workout E-Book
  2. Use family bonding time to get active- take a walk down the street with the family especially after that fabulous Christmas dinner you had. Do the same with the Christmas Day leftovers. If you have a park or beach close to home take the family for a nice evening stroll or early morning swim. Both activities are great for burning extra calories. The added bonus is that it won’t feel like work and will allow you time to bond with the family.
  3. Keep Hydrated- Water is essential in helping us digest foods and using fats efficiently. During Christmas we tend to increase our intake of foods with high fat content, we therefore need to balance this with enough water. Hydration post physical activity is also important.
  4. Invest in at home workout equipment- This doesn’t have to be expensive and or require a lot of storage space. You can get exercize bands or a pair of dumb bells which are affordable and easy to use. You may purchase a pair of Oshane Bryant Fitness dumb bells now by clicking the link https://joinobfitness.com/product/ob-fitness-dumbells-2/
  5. Do short at home workout routines- effective workout routines do not need to be long. Short workout routines using a pair of dumb bells can help you to fight off those extra calories without cutting into family time. You can get additional tips from my workout e-book Workout E-Book


Fight Fat this Christmas with further tips from my FREE e-book- Workout E-Book



Bryant, Oshane. (2017) Christmas Burn-off. The Exercize and Physical Activity Guide to losing inches. “Jamaican Edition”

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