Men of Meadowbrook United Church: Self-Defense Learning & Fellowship


On September 7, 2022 (at Peppa Thyme Restaurant)-men of Meadowbrook United Church were engaged by personnel of OB Fitness, in an interactive self-defense presentation.

With a focus on topics & concepts, both relatable and applicable to the men present, the end result was a unanimous expression of appreciation, of the content shared. The picture collage, along with brief tips/explanation reveal some of the experiences of the occasion.


Watch Your Surroundings-OB Fitness

To be aware of your surroundings is a foundational skill and ability, applicable in survival & self-defense situations. An example of how you may apply the skill/concept of awareness:

  • Make a mental note of the people, the vehicles; their positioning; and where applicable, what the people are doing, when exiting & returning to your home daily.

Concept of Height & Reach Advantage/Disadvantage

Men of Different Height Are Gathered-OB Fitness Self Defense PresentationVisual of Height & Reach Explained: Self Defense

In empty hand and/or close range combat situations, the height & reach of combatants play a role in the tactical advantage or disadvantage of the conflict. Your understanding, or lack thereof, of:

  • height
  • reach
  • age
  • and other physical attributes

hold weight as a determining factor behind you coming out of the bout successfully or not.

Wrist Lock/Control Escape Demonstration

Wrist Grab Escape Explanation: OB Fitness Self Defense PresentationSuccessful Escape From Wrist Grip: OB Fitness Self-Defense Presentation

Control of a person’s wrist goes a far way in aiding ones course of action in applicable hands range combat situations. For the person under restraint (wrist grabbed), having knowledge of how to free your wrist(s) helps your cause of re-engaging, employing a weapon, or re-employing a weapon successfully, to neutralize the threat.

Improvised Weapons, Weapon Extraction/Weapon Retention

Pen As A Weapon: OB Fitness Self Defense PresenttionWeapon Retention of Pen Demonstration-OB Fitness Self Defense Presentation

Everything present within your environment can be used (improvised) as a weapon. This mindset is a crucial towards your success in a self-defense/combat situation. What’s equally, or more important to acknowledge, is that knowing how to extract & retain your weapon while engaging a foe(s) require your commitment towards the developing of your capacity in the said areas while under duress.

Some areas you should work on consistently to improve your combat capacity include, but aren’t limited to:

-Relative Strength.


-Dynamic Mobility.



-Breath Control.

-Weaponry Practice.

Personal Training-OB Fitness

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KUKIBO Martial Arts, Knuckle Air Push Ups-OB Fitness

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General Images

Men of Meadowbrook United Church Listen Keenly: OB Fitness Self Defense PresentationMen of Meadowbrook Share Thoughts: OB Fitness Self Defense PresentationOshane Bryant & Gentleman of Meadowbrook United Church Engage In Conversation: OB Fitness Self Defense PresentationGroup Photo: Men of Meadowbrook United Church & OB Fitness-Self Defense Presentation


To live in today’s environment more in tune than the general population. To improve ones chances of being successful in situations that demand your capacity to evade, and/or neutralize a potentially, or actually life-threatening situation, daily work on ones physical fitness; and awareness; combined with other self-defense features, are critical. I urge you to commit daily to this practice, art & lifestyle.

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Photo Credits: Rakeem Burrell; Instagram @keemamani


About The Author

Oshane Bryant: BSc Geology, Geography Minor; ACE CPT since 2012; Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Accelerator Graduate-2018 cohort; Licensed KUKIBO Martial Arts & Self Defense, Senior Instructor; OB Fitness Founder & Managing Director.

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