Jamila Cole & Nikita Noel: Can We Learn And Do Anything To Protect Other Kids From Their Experience?


Jamilla Cole

Jamilla Cole: 15 years old. Reportedly beaten & raped in Trelawny, Jamaica. She eventually succumbed to her injuries.


Nikita Noel

Nikita Noel: 9 years old. Reportedly raped, murdered & found a few feet from her home in Hanover, Jamaica.



The painfullly tragic stories of Jamilla Cole & Nikita Noel in the public landscape, have grabbed the attention of Jamaicans at home, and throughout the diaspora. And understandably so. Both of their realities occured roughly 6 months between each other:

Nikita Noel- February 1, 2023.

Jamilla Cole-August 6-7, 2023.

What’s more are the facts (through statements) shared in the public domain by trusted authorities–police, family member(s), teachers, long-standing media houses–that reveal similarities in both of these cases; and indicate a cultural evolution, if you will, of the society, and perpetrators responsible for these form of heinous acts, in Jamaica.


The purpose of this article is to:

  1. Discuss the realities of both the stories of Jamilla Cole & Nikita Noel based on what is shared in the public domain.
  2. Present you with thinking points geared towards hopefully, improve your capacity, to protect the kids in your care.
  3. Briefly explore what we can learn from Jamilla Cole & Nikita Noel stories,and hopefully do, to protect other kids from their experience.

Reality of Nikita Noel Tragic Story

Nikita Noel, 9 years old, resided with her mother & step-father. On the day of her tragic end, it’s reported that her mom & step-father had a domestic dispute in the morning. Nikita should’ve made her way home after school, as normal. Upon making her way home, between the point of her taxi-drop-off, and her home, Nikita was reportedly raped & murdered. A dog’s hind legs were reportedly bound also.


Source: Jamaica Observer| Retrieved August 9, 2023

Reality of Jamilla Cole Tragic Story

Jamilla Cole, 15 years old, was reportedly at home in bed, with her mother, her 17 year old female cousin, and a 9 year old girl. 2 men reportedly entered her home at around 2:30am through a kitchen window, and beat: Jamilla, Jamilla’s mom, and Jamilla’s 17 year old cousin, in their heads. Jamilla was dragged into a cornfield, and raped. She eventually succumbed to her injuries. The 9 year old girl was not harmed.

Source: Jamaica Observer| Retrieved August 9, 2023

Thinking Points of Nikita Noel & Jamilla Cole Stories

Both of these stories through full disclosure (statements in media & court outcomes), and partial disclosure (statements in media only), reveal that the horrific acts on these girls, and loved ones in extension, were carried out by individual(s) who should be protecting them–step father(s), and family members (blood or through strong association).


Should this be cause for concern?

Is this a reflection of a shift in culture, whereby kids are no longer seen as the segment of the Jamaican society, to be excluded from violence being done to them my members of the village?


I sincerely hope this isn’t so. The relative frequency of heinous acts (committed to kids, in Jamaica) surfacing in the public domain, make me shudder in thought, that soon, segments of the Jamaican society, may develop an immune response-whereby the news of rape, and murder of kids no longer trigger the societal uproar, we see today.

What Can We Learn From Jamilla Cole & Nikita Noel Stories & Hopefully Do, To Protect Other Kids From Their Experience.

  1. Having a strong family system (nuclear family, single family, extended family, co-parenting) with established & mutually agreed upon norms, beliefs & practices towards the protection of kids within the household, and/or family are necessary. This culture demands/requires consistent self-work & collective work (while under stressful & non-stressful circumstances) to improve the outcome aligning with the aim.
  2. Strengthening the home & community surveillance security, so that they may be used towards helping the police solve crimes (if committed) to kids at home, and/or within the community.

For both Jamilla Cole & Nikita Noel no mention (in the mainstream media) was made of surveillance cameras being present at home, leading up to their home, and within their communities.

Jamilla Cole home. No sign of surveillance cameras. Source: Jamaica Observer. Retrieved August 8, 2023


Similarly, both of these girls resided in rural areas of Jamaica. Therefore, vegetation and undulating terrain, could be used to the advantage of the perpetrator(s), relative to urban areas with less vegetation and with less undulating terrain, for concealment & escape.

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Additionally, and this point may result in some backlash, but the presence of the protective father in the household was missing for both Jamilla Cole & Nikita Noel’s case. This statement points us back to my 1st point in this section-“Having a strong family system”. The protective father in the household, along with a mutually established culture specific towards the protection of kids in the household, function as critical elements, or tools, that can serve as deterrents to threats (internal & external),  to the ‘stable household’.

For the single parent, sibling & other households, this is not me saying you must have a protective father within the household. Rather, this is me highlighting the role & value of the protective father in the household. Do your part irrespective of the household applicable to you, to increase your protective capacity of your kids.

Work on self so that people and the world will align. Invest in surveillance cameras for your home & community.

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Oshane Bryant: BSc Geology, Geography Minor; ACE CPT since 2012; Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Accelerator Graduate-2018 cohort; Licensed KUKIBO Martial Arts & Self Defense, Senior Instructor; OB Fitness Founder & Managing Director.


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