OB Live, 30 Minutes Workout, Adult Beginner & Kids-Friendly Episode 1

Features of Workout


March on Spot, Wall Butt-Kics, Arms Extended Laterally, Shoulder Pulses…



Wall Push-Ups, Isometric Wall Squats, Dumbbells Bicep Curls, Dumbbells Overhead Tricep Extension, Dumbbells Reverse Fly…



2-3 Count Breathing, Standing Knee-Flexion Stretch, Front Split–confortable range, Arm Overhead Tricep Stretch…


Health, Fitness & Aesthetic Benefits of This Workout

Health (some)

*Blood sugar extraction during workout & post workout (muscle & liver glycogen, adipose/fat tissue).

*Striated Muscle Breakdown  & Re-building of primary muscles involved in exercises. In other words, muscular hypertrophy, bone density increase (Osteoporosis risk-reduction).

*Release of Negative Stress Reducing Hormones such as serotonin & dopamine.


Fitness (some)

* Strength Endurance Development of muscular system worked.

*Cardiorespiratory work to rid body of metabolic waste-Lactate, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogenous compounds, etc.

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Aesthetic–Acute & Chronic (some)

*Muscular & Venous Pump (acute).

*Body Fat Reduction (chronic)

*Increased Muscle Tone (chronic)



Full Workout Video

Notice & Disclaimer: Exercise/Physical Activity is a physiologic stressor. It is very important that you have your physician clearance before engaging in any exercise/physical activity. By engaging in this workout, you accept all risk and agree to free: O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited, it’s staff, partners & other associated stakeholders from any liability claims whatsoever.

O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited as a registered company is located in Jamaica W.I. And primarily abide by the laws that govern Jamaica W.I.


About The Author

Oshane Bryant: BSc Geology, Geography Minor; ACE CPT since 2012; Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Accelerator Graduate-2018 cohort; Licensed KUKIBO Martial Arts & Self Defense, Senior Instructor; OB Fitness Founder & Managing Director.


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