7 Fitness Resources You Must Have For Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey In 2022

-Wearable Technology.

-WIFI Functional Digital Device.

-Exercise & Fitness Professional(s).

-Nutrition & Dietary Professional(s).


-Weights Training.

-HIIT Workouts.



In no specific order, we’ve listed 7 fitness resources as must haves, towards helping you on your healthy lifestyle journey in 2022. These listed are premised on fitness industry trends (ACSM, IHRSA), as well as my opinion as a working professional within the industry; spanning multiple geographies, including: Jamaica, United States of America, Canada & England to name a few.

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Fitness Trends 2022

Every year, (for the past 16 years), ACSM conducts a survey of more than 4500 health & fitness professionals, to rank 43 possible trends on a scale of 1 (least likely to be a trend) to 10 (most likely to be a trend). Their top 10 fitness trends of 2022 in descending order are:

  1. Wearable Technology.
  2. Home Exercise Activities.
  3. Outdoor Activities.
  4. Strength Training With Free Weights.
  5. Exercise for Weight Loss.
  6. Personal Training.
  7. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
  8. Bodyweight Training.
  9. Online Live & On-Demand Exercise Classes.
  10. Health/Wellness Coaching.

SourceACSM Fitness Trends, 2022; Retrieved, July 28, 2022.


IHRSA (The Global Health & Fitness Association)

In their article: 5 Industry Reports Highlight What’s Hot In Fitness Trends Right Now, ClassPass Beauty & Fitness Trends (2022) highlight 3 trends and predictions. Namely:

  1. Commuting Cardio-whereby 64% of professionals now stop by fitness facilities during their office commute.
  2. Hybrid Workouts-Persons sampling/dropping in on workouts offered by fitness facilities and/or fitness groups.
  3. Workouts Based On Mood-People opting for workout options based on their feeling.

Source: IHRSA 5 Industry Reports Highlight What’s Hot In Fitness Trends Right Now; Retrieved July 28, 2022


7 Fitness Resources You Must Have In 2022


Wearable Technology

“Wearable technology refers to mobile electronic devices that are comfortably worn on the user’s body or attached to their clothes.” Wearable Technology-an overview; Retrieved, July 28, 2022.

“Wearable technology is a general term for a group of devices—including fitness trackers and smartwatches—that are designed to be worn throughout the day. These devices are often called wearables for short.” Wearables-What Is Wearable Technology? Retrieved, July 28, 2022,

These wearables capture data such as: heart rate per minute (bpm); blood pressure; pace (walking pace and running pace captured in miles or kilometers); blood oxygen, and more. This data is useful towards exercise/fitness program construction & management. And provides both yourself and your supervising healthcare professionals on your health, based on biomarkers highlighted above.


WiFi Functional Digital Device

WiFi (wireless internet connectivity) functional devices, include smartphones, tablets, laptops/desktops, and Smart TVs. Reasons for listing WiFi functional digital device(s) as a fitness resource includes it’s value of:

  • Enabling you to stream healthcare services, group workouts, dietary regime, personal training and others.
  • Supporting your healthy lifestyle journey through streaming music, and searchable support content from trusted sources.


Exercise & Fitness Professional(s)

Oshane Bryant-Personal Training

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Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer. All of these are personnel who can be considered as exercise & fitness professionals. While individually their professional scope may intersect & differ, collectively, they benefit you through: supervision, program design and otherwise; towards achieving your health & fitness needs & desired goals.

These goals of yours are achieved, through:

  • Movement
  • Load Training (example-weight training, farklet training),

And more.


Nutrition & Dietary Professional(s)

Oshane Bryant-Nutrition & Dietary Support

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Registered Dietician, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Public Health Nurse, Sports Nutritionist/Personal Trainers. All of these are personnel who can be considered as nutrition and dietary professionals. The critical point of note is that the registered dietician is the gatekeeper professional within this arena. Combined, all of these professionals benefit you through dietary program design, nutrition education & coaching in tandem with your overall health & lifestyle needs.


Physician(s)-Licensed Medical Professional

The medical professional is the central gatekeeper of the medical & healthy field(s). Through their diagnostics and prescribed treatments, they help you acquire and maintain the best state of health possible. As the gatekeeper of the medical/health field also, they are central in your referral to other health/medical professionals-such as cardiologists, pulmonologists, psychiatrists, dieticians, physical therapists; and allied medical/health professionals such as: personal trainers, health coaches, and sports psychologists.


Weight Training

O'Shane Bryant Fitness-Weight Training & Dumbbells

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Critical for stronger bones and muscles.  Facilitator of better sleep. Supportive of hormone release and uptake geared towards you living in a happier state is weight training. Just living heavy-enough weight (during exercise), that challenge you between 8-15 reps, can facilitate these benefits to you.


HIIT Workouts

O'Shane Bryant Fitness-HIIT Workout

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Just like weight training only, high intensity interval training can benefit you through stronger bones, muscles, better sleep, and improved hormonal production & uptake for a better state. HIIT workouts can also lead to you experiencing improved breathing at rest, improved resting blood pressure, improved blood lipids & cholesterol numbers, among others.


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Oshane Bryant-Fitness, Nutrition, Self Defense, Business & Geo Professional

Oshane Bryant: BSc Geology, Geography Minor; ACE CPT since 2012; Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Accelerator Graduate-2018 cohort; KUKIBO Martial Arts & Self Defense, Senior Instructor; OB Fitness Founder & Managing Director.

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