3 Kicks To Add To Your Self Defense Workout

Incorporating kicks into your workout regime at least once weekly, will go a far way towards helping you not just burn calories, but also be sharp & nimble in your day-to-day activities.

Oshane Bryant-KUKIBO Martial Arts

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Some Fitness Benefits of Kicking Exercises

  • Increased Flexibility of Primary Muscle Groups.
  • Increased Power Capacity of Muscle Groups Involved In The Kicks.
  • Enhanced Nerve-Muscle Excitability (increased speed of contraction. and/or reaction to stimuli).
  • Increased Cardio-Respiratory Capacity.
  • Higher Calorie Burn of Workout.

Kicking Workout Example

Warm Up: 10 minutes brisk walk. Then do brief dynamic stretches of entire body.

Main: 10 Outside Crescent Kicks, 10 Inside Crescent Kicks, 10 High Kicks-3 sets each; 30 seconds rest between. Focus on getting the form right, then execute with form, power & speed.

Cool-Down: Static Stretches of entire body.


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Oshane Bryant: BSc Geology, Geography Minor; ACE CPT since 2012; Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Accelerator Graduate-2018 cohort; Licensed KUKIBO Martial Arts & Self Defense, Senior Instructor; OB Fitness Founder & Managing Director.

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