3 Benefits: Weighted Step-Up Exercise with Sample Exercise Regimen

The movement involved towards executing the weighted step-up exercise is foundational. Once you’re functionally-able, this ought to be an exercise you have as a part of your ongoing exercise/fitness regimen.

The Benefits

Reduce Your Risk of Fall When Climbing & Descending Steps

The loading of your bodyweight on 1 leg, and the stepping up, or down a step, stimulates the body to build strength. With cessation of exercise, and aging, our bodies naturally lose muscle mass. This therefore increases our risk of falls.

Improve Your Balance When Standing, Walking & Running

Being able to stand, walk & run require us to have the muscle mass. But even more important, being able to do these activities of daily living, our nervous system has to be healthy & functionally engaged with our musculoskeletal system. This exercise mimic phased elements of standing, walking and running. And for any exercise regimen to be successful, you must exercise specific to the needs, or desired outcomes, for adaptation to occur.

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Rounds The Hips

Last but not least. We all want to look the best we can. And for the ladies, having a rounder, firmer butt is like the icing on the cake. So do your step ups. And do them with weights to stimulate the growth of the muscles; and potentially the lift, roundness and size of your butt.

Sample Exercise Regimen

Note Briefly

This exercise regimen is a sample made available for education purposes only. It should not be taken as a specific exercise plan for you. Nor does it supersede the professional advice you receive from a contracted medical practitioner, and/or exercise professional.

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Needed Elements: Step, or Improvisational Platform (6 inches-12 inches), Dumbbells Weight (20% to 30% bodyweight), You.

Exercise Approach (After Warm Up)-Execute the movement as highlighted in the video herein. Do 3 sets of 10 reps on each leg. If 10 reps at the calculated weight is easy, do 15 reps. Rest 1 minute between. Repeat this for 4 weeks.


About The Author

Oshane Bryant: BSc Geology, Geography Minor; ACE CPT since 2012; Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Accelerator Graduate-2018 cohort; Licensed KUKIBO Martial Arts & Self Defense, Senior Instructor; OB Fitness Founder & Managing Director.


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