Healthier & Fitter Me-Nurse Delone: My Determined Escape From The Traps of Diabetes & Hypertension

-Was Prediabetic.
-Had Elevated Blood Pressure.
-Was Overfat & Overweight.
-Suffered From Hip Pain & Plantar Fasciitis. 
-Needed Lifestyle Modifications.

What Was Your Push to start your journey towards a healthier & fitter you?

Healthier and Fitter Me came as a reality check when I noticed my A1C was 6.6 (average blood glucose percentage in prediabetes-diabetes range); and BP (blood pressure) was elevated. Through lifestyle, and profession as a nurse, hypertension and diabetes  are 2 diseases I was determined not to add to my repertoire-especially with me having a strong family linkage to these two non-communicable diseases. My Bff (best friend for life) and I decided to go on this mission of a healthier & fitter me together. We both started to walk, but I suffered from hip pain and plantar fasciitis all due to excess weight. I knew I needed to make a 360 degree turn with lifestyle modifications.
Heavier Delone Plummer-Williams. Pre-Diabetic & Pre-Hypertensive

Delone Plummer-Williams before her OB Fitness Journey. Pre-Diabetic & Pre-Hypertensive


Why Did You Choose OB Fitness as Your Health & Fitness Partner on this Journey?

I decided to choose OB fitness as my friend from high school was a trainer with OB fitness and constantly encouraged us to exercise. Working with my coach over 1 year now, I love my coach and I enjoy working out
virtually. I feel as if I know the other participants in the virtual class. I look forward to exercise. We have so much fun 🤩 in the classes.
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It’s as if we have a love hate relationship (my coach and I). My coach is really tough, but I love the end results. And compliments. These classes have kept me grounded and helped me maintain my sanity-especially given the fact that I was working full time from home. I truly enjoy my online training experience as it saves me from the hassle of commute. I also feel safe in my house and not have to be concerned about who is looking at me. If I’m matching or if my sneakers are fly.

Delone at river. Early days of healthier & fitter journey.

What Has Been The Most Difficult Challenge You’ve Had To Overcome?

Most difficult challenge I’ve had to overcome is to get up at 5 am. Or when I’m traveling (to different time zones), to log on for classes. I feel guilty (and at times get miserable/cranky) if I don’t meet my morning exercise family. So I try my best to log on anywhere I go in the world. The classes with my coach & fitness family are energizing, invigorating and stimulating.

How Important Is The Support of Family & Friends While On Your Fitness Journey?

Very Important. So huge is their importance, that I’ve invited them to join. So far I have referred 2 friends and 2 family members on this journey with me. They are all very happy with their results and can share & relate with my daily pain.

Delone with family

Delone & Opal

Delone with sister, Opal

Your Sister Appears To Be Following Closely In Your Footsteps Delone

Yes! I’m really happy. She was in so much pain: back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain before starting O’Shane Bryant Fitness. She would live at the chiropractor, and she wasn’t herself anymore, since experiencing her accidents. I’m extremely happy & grateful to know that in almost a year, she is moving strong as she did before her accidents.

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Any Advice For The Person Reading Your Story & Yet To Start Their Healthier & Fitter Journey?

My advice to my readers is “you are what you eat”. So take responsibility for your life. I have so much more energy, looking fabulous. No more hip pain, or foot pain, or Big Big Belly.

Delone with sexy back

Delone Flexing

Delone Flexing

I got my sexy back!

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