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Come set-off with OB Fitness for an all inclusive, and exclusive, 3 Day, 2 Night, retreat experience, this year (October 28-30, 2022) at  Exodus Villa (click for images) (Runaway Bay, Jamaica):


-Food Galore–Buffet Style (Personable): Your Reward For Working Hard On You.


-Sweat-Busting, OB Fitness Backed, Physique-Lifting Activities.


-Sea-Overlooking, Hillside Nestled, Gorgeous Property, With Spacious Rooms, For Your Re-Energizing Stay.


-Warm, Courteous & Experienced Support Staff, For Your World Class Hospitality.


-Top Quality Security For Your Peace of Mind.


All are combined to give you the most rewarding fitness retreat experience. And to get you Re-Energized to Re-Engage your challenges, in your purpose-driven journey, of life.


Agenda (Brief)

Day 1

Check In (3pm), Secure Room; Welcome Session & Lunch; Fit 2D Muzik Socarobics with Instructor Oshane; Dinner; Board Games.


Day 2

Breakfast, Green Grotto Caves Tour (Green Grotto Caves Webpage); Chill & Relax At D Beach; OB Unwind Fitness Games; Dinner; Relax


Day 3

Breathe & Stretch; Breakfast; Relax; Checkout (12pm).


Book Now.





Reservation of space is made with a minimum of 50% payment. Space on this experience is only secured through full payment. Full payment (for those with space reservation) must be made by August 31, 2022.



The cancellation policies below are specific for parties who have secured space through full payment.

-If any party member needs to cancel, this must be done in writing and signed by the party leader/party booked (supported with government issued ID). Cancellation takes effect from the date we receive your written cancellation instruction through trackable platform/medium.

-Cancellation between day your booking is made and 60 days (8 weeks) before your stay, and/or experience commences: The full deposit payment will be refunded.

-Cancellation between 59 days & 30 days before your stay, and/or experience commences: 50% deposit payment will be refunded.

-Cancellation between 30 days & 15 days before your stay, and/or experience commences: 25% deposit will be refunded.

-Cancellation within 15 days of the start of the experience: No refund will be made.

-Parties with reservation who cancel before August 31, 2022 will receive only 50% of their deposit.

-Cancellation on part of party due to positive Covid-19 status within 72hrs of experience commences: 25% deposit will be refunded.

Cancellation on part of O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited management, at any duration leading up to the date of the holiday experience, (exclusive of force majeure): full refund will be given.

The policies above reflect our estimated loss as a result of dealing with your booking/reservation to point of your cancellation.


Payment Plan

Party members who opt for payment plan method, are required to make monthly payment of total required by the 30th day of each month, up to August, 2022. Full payment required for booking must be made by August 31, 2022. Space is only reserved once 50% of total is made. In making payments, proof must be given through a trackable platform/medium. once confirmed, party member will receive confirmation of receipt through email, along with notification of balance owed, and due date(s). The sending email address on part of O’Shane Bryant FItness Limited is obfitness4u@gmail.com



Transportation to & from place of stay, as well as other locations on itinerary, will be via carpooling-convoy. Under this system, all persons in a vehicle will be asked to budget J$3000 contribution. The actual fee on the day could be less or more depending on the cost for both petrol & toll payments for the vehicle travelling in. Persons wishing to explore alternative transportation options (such as airport pickup & drop-off) can have this arranged at a different rate.


First Aid, Safety, Security Warning System, Miscellaneous

At the welcome session, all persons on property will be briefed on basic first aid, safety (ambulatory-hospital care, exercise, pool); security considerations & procedures; and other miscellaneous points (including health–such as feeling ill) while at the retreat experience. This is a mandatory attendance briefing.



Meals will be prepared at villa according to preferences of party. This preference will be acquired through personal consultation with O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited team, prior to the start of the experience. Visitor can have additional meal(s) provided at place of stay, and/or while on excursion, at an additional cost.


Medical Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability

Before embarking on our retreat experience it is recommended that you consult your physician. Since no physician-patient relationship exists between you, O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited (and partners), please do not share personal medical information with any third party that you wish to keep confidential.

Keep in mind that exercise is a stressor and can cause adverse health outcomes through your engagement. Similarly, the consumption of meals prepared by persons outside of your household can result in you experiencing an allergic response. As a safety precaution, ensure you have with you adequate allergy and other relevant medication as prescribed by your doctor. And do communicate with us (O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited) your allergies, musculoskeletal pain sites, and/or triggers. Also, keep in mind that any assessment or recommendation made by a staff member at O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited, and/or partner, is made based on the information you provide.



When you make a reservation for a retreat experience with O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Release and Waiver form.

As a participant in a program organized and conducted by O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited, my heirs, legal representatives, representatives or any other third party who has standing to make claims on my behalf hereby release any and all present or future claims that I may have against O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited, its owners, officers or employees, and partners, from any and all liability that they may presently have or in the future may have arising out of their ownership, or employment by, or collaboration with O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited and my participation in a O’Shane Bryant Fitness Retreat Experience!.

This Release shall include but not be limited to any and all liability that O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited may incur as a result of my traveling to and from a O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited retreat experience, as well as any claims for cancellations, negligence, travel, injury, disease, illness, death, or dismemberment that may arise as a result of traveling to or participating in any O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited retreat experience.

O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited does not make any warranties or representations concerning travel or other arrangements made by O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited on my behalf.

I grant O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited approval to use my image, and likeness for future marketing efforts related to this & similar retreat experience.

I further understand and I am fully aware of the risks involved with participating in movement activities offered by O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited, and I assume that risk. I have been informed by O’Shane Bryant FItness Limited that I may wish to consult a physician prior to my participation in this retreat experience, and O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited or any of its owners, employees or agents, or partners are not responsible for any physical injury/illness (including death) or damage, known or unknown, I may suffer as a result of my participation in this retreat experience.

By clicking “add to cart”, followed by “checkout” I hereby confirm I am at minimum 18 years of age, deemed mentally fit to function independently with my decision-making; have read, understood and agree to all the above conditions.


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